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The Doll Kind

The Doll Kind (TDK) was founded by two moms on a mission: To empower and inspire  children to create a kinder world. The theme built into our dolls is the spirit of kindness. TDK dolls come with kindness tokens imprinted with special phrases on them. Children can give these to anyone they feel prompted to, in secret or not. We believe kindness is as essential as food and water, and that this will provide children a fun opportunity to be kind.Empowering children to be the positive change needed in the world will build their self-esteems, their sense of worth, and their overall well-being. We believe that all children are good and that we have the responsibility, as parents, to nurture and encourage this.

How It Works:

1. Choose your doll. The Doll Kind dolls are soft and huggable dolls designed to be your child's best friend. They are a symbol for kindness and a reminder to both children and parents to be a force for good. Choose one, or start up a collection. Currently available in three designs. Shop here.

2. Give your tokens. Each doll comes with 10 tokens. Teach your children to give their tokens out as an act of kindness. They can leave them with a waitress, a doctor, a nurse, a grandparent in a nursing home, or as a simple gesture - in secret or not. The special message imprinted on each token, 'Pay it Forward', will lift spirits and encourage the passing on of this act of kindness. The act of giving out the tokens brings joy and excitement to your child and will inspire other acts of kindness, helping them grow into charitable and compassionate adults. 

3. A doll is donated. For each doll purchased, a doll will be donated by The Doll Kind to a child less fortunate. Donation sites include orphanages, hospitals, shelters, and more throughout the United States and countries across the world. 

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